ISAG FORUM – Independent research hub – 2016


The Geneva Forum for Independent Research Experts


2016 serie


June 2016

FORUM BEYOND RATINGS - Sylvain Chateau, co-foundeur & COO

Beyond Ratings co-founder Sylvain Chateau will discuss on “How energy market and climate change issues can become game changer in sovereign risks ?


May 2016

FORUM LONGVIEW ECONOMICS – Chris Watling, CEO and Chief Market Strategist

Longview Economics CEO and Chief Market Strategis Chris Watling will discuss on global Macro, markets and asset allocation.


January 2016

FORUM MRB – Macro Research Board – Peter Perkins, Founding Partner and Global Strategist

MRB strategists Peter Perkins (Global Strategy & Integrated Multi Asset AA) and Adam Wolfe (China & Asia Ex-Japan Equities)  will discuss the outlook for China and the U.S., and assess the inter-linkages between the two economies, as well as the implications for global capital markets.


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