ISAG Consensus

The ISAG Consensus is an original initiative of Geneva’s financial marketplace.

The ISAG Consensus summarises the policies of 19 financial and banking establishments in Geneva. It serves as a point of reference for investors.

The ISAG Consensus is a monthly publication of the Association.

It includes:

  • A monthly grid of forecasts compiled according to the majority opinion of the members of the association.
  • A quarterly summary of the ISAG Roundtables.

It expresses the majority opinion of the members of the Association, who contribute their opinions anonymously.

The summary of the debates reveals the different opinions regarding the way in which members’ forecasts are expressed in the asset allocation grids of their establishments.


The ISAG Consensus is published:

  • on ISAG’s Internet site
  • every month exclusively on the website of the daily paper LE TEMPS, and quarterly in the pages of LUNDI FINANCE.
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