The Association

ISAG (Investment Strategists Association of Geneva) is a professional association of Geneva-based investment strategy specialists. Founded in November 2009 by three professionals in the sector, the Association now has some twenty members who represent the policies of their respective banking or financial establishments.

ISAG’s goals are:

  • To provide a venue for Geneva’s finance professionals to share their views on economic and financial issues and the bearing of these issues on investment strategies, and which can host international specialists in this sector.
  • To contribute to Geneva’s dynamism as a financial centre and to its international reputation, particularly in the field of investment strategy.
  • To promote professional ethics and values, i.e.: intellectual rigour, open-mindedness and independence.


  • A monthly reunion on the second Wednesday of the month.
  • A quarterly roundtable which will be summarized in a report that will observe the anonymity of the debates.
  • Monthly publication of an investment consensus.
  • ISAG Forums will host international key figures: central bankers, academics, economists, etc.
  • Members will be able to attend university research seminars and specialized conferences.
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