• ISAG Consensus
    Forecasts | November 2018 
     ISAG Consensus http://isa-gva.org/consensus_en/2017/12/isag-consensus-november-2017/?lang=en
  • ISAG Consensus
    Forecasts | October 2017 
     ISAG Consensus http://isa-gva.org/consensus_en/2017/11/isag-consensus-october-2017/?lang=en
  • Consensus & Synthesis ISAG
    Forecasts | January 2017 
     Consensus and synthesis  http://isa-gva.org/consensus_en/2017/01/isag-roundtable-investment-perspectives-for-2017/?lang=en
  • ISAG Consensus
    Forecasts | November 2016 
     ISAG Consensus http://isa-gva.org/consensus_en/2016/12/isag-consensus-november-2016/?lang=en
Investment Strategists Association of Geneva


ISAG (Investment Strategists Association of Geneva) is a professional association of Geneva-based investment strategy specialists. Founded in November 2009 by three professionals in the sector, the Association now has some twenty members who represent the policies of their respective banking or financial establishments. Read more...

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29.11: Forum J.P. Morgan Asset Management
06.12 : Roundtable 4

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